Choose the Life: Exploring a Faith that Embraces Discipleship

by Bill Hull

Many churches harbor harried congregations merely going through the motions sleepwalking saints who fail to experience transformed living. Many are unable and unwilling to share the gospel, convinced that it’s not their “gift.”True disciples do more than the minimum, explains Hull. They choose the life and commit to bringing Jesus to the lost. They live out their beliefs and walk the walk. Submission shows the doubting world that Christ is embedded in their character. Choose the Life is a practical tool as accessible to laypeople as ministry leaders. Any church seeking lifechanging significance will be challenged by this cuttingedge resource. No hand holding here, Choose the Life shows church members how to take individual responsibility for both being discipled and discipling others.

Why does Pastor Jeff like this book? A challenging and no-holds-barred call to become the follower of Christ Jesus that God has destined for his people. Likely one of the more prophetic calls to discipleship that I’ve encountered in many years.