InVision One More Q&A

Answers to frequently asked questions...

Why InVision One More?

Think about the ways your life has been blessed by Mt. View. Were you first introduced to Jesus here at Mt. View? Have you built lifelong, meaningful relationships through church classes, activities, or Celebrate Recovery? Has your life been transformed by the love of Christ as you worship Him on Sundays? Does your teenager come just because of the youth group? As you think about how Mt. View has impacted your life, envision how this church can continue to bring others to our Lord Jesus in the years to come. You can play a meaningful role in affecting those lives by investing your resources today.

What are the plans?

There are three phases planned, each one building on the one before. Phase 1A—required site improvements such as parking spaces, power supply grids, fire code updates, and preparation for building upgrades and additions. These things may not be exciting for you, but they are vital for the next steps. Phase 1B—9000 square feet! We’ll be adding much anticipated and needed space for expansion. There will be more classrooms, a teen center, and more fellowship area. Phase 1C—Remodeling of current office and nursery wing space.

What is the cost?

Phase 1A – $2,250,000
Phase 1B – $2,000,000
Phase 1C – $250,000
Total project cost – $4,500,000

What is expected of me?

Prayerfully approach God about your volunteer involvement and commitment levels for the InVision One More campaign. There will be ample opportunity for involvement throughout the entire campaign. Ask any of the church leaders how you can become involved. There is always room for a willing and able spirit.

What is a capital campaign gift?

This is above and beyond your normal tithe. Often the Bible talks about giving of your tithes and offerings. Your tithe is ten percent of your salary. Offerings are anything over the tithe. A capital campaign gift is an offering. What you give over the next three years is a sacrifice and a gift to the Lord.

How much should I give?

Some people would say “give what you can.” Others would say “give sacrificially”—or in other words “give so that it hurts.” Still others advise to “give like the widow’s mite.” And there are some who would say “give as the Lord wills and moves in your heart.” However you decide to give, let’s be like the Israelites, some who Moses had to turn away because they had received more than what was needed (see Exodus 36:5-6).

What is a Commitment Card?

The Commitment Card is a statement of intent. This written record provides valuable financial planning information for the capital campaign planners—like what dollar amount they can expect to come in and when. These figures are critical for wise planning of future expenditures.

Is my commitment confidential?

Absolutely. This information is held in the strictest of confidence and is only made available to the few people who need to know.

May I change my commitment?

Of course! Should circumstances change, causing an increase or decrease in your giving plan, simply contact the church staff.

When do I begin giving?

Right now! The three-year campaign began June 7, 2009, but you may contribute at any time. You determine your personal giving schedule—be it weekly, monthly, or any other timetable. There are several methods you can use to turn in your contribution. InVision One More giving envelopes will be available each week in the church bulletin, you may use your bank’s bill pay service, and if you coordinate with Vicki Kelly, an auto draft from your account to the InVision One More campaign is possible.