Sunday Services: In light of recent statewide mandates from governing authorities and health officials, we have cancelled Sunday Services, events and ALL gatherings at Mountain View Church through May 4.

Sponsors and Accountability Partners

Prerequisites for Accountability Partners:

1. Actively attending Celebrate Recovery Meetings
2. Share a similar area of recovery
3. Must be same sex
4. Developing deeper relationships with Christ
5. Demonstrates growth in their recovery

A = Accountability
T = Teamwork
E = Encouragement
A = Ask for Help
M = Motivate

Prerequisites for Sponsors:

1. Worked through the Celebrate Recovery Participant’s Guides at least one time
2. One continuous year sobriety/abstinence
3. Actively attending celebrate Recovery meetings
4. Have their own Sponsor and Accountability Team
5. Must be same sex

S = Set a Good Example
P = Prayer
O = Oneness with Christ
N = Never Condemn
S = Share Your Personal Experience
O = Open and Honest Communication
R = Responsibility

* Training is available to assist you in your role as a Sponsor. Call Carline Dally at (360) 943-7880 or email the Victory House for more information.