Sponsors and Accountability Partners

Prerequisites for Accountability Partners:

1. Actively attending Celebrate Recovery Meetings
2. Share a similar area of recovery
3. Must be same sex
4. Developing deeper relationships with Christ
5. Demonstrates growth in their recovery

A = Accountability
T = Teamwork
E = Encouragement
A = Ask for Help
M = Motivate

Prerequisites for Sponsors:

1. Worked through the Celebrate Recovery Participant’s Guides at least one time
2. One continuous year sobriety/abstinence
3. Actively attending celebrate Recovery meetings
4. Have their own Sponsor and Accountability Team
5. Must be same sex

S = Set a Good Example
P = Prayer
O = Oneness with Christ
N = Never Condemn
S = Share Your Personal Experience
O = Open and Honest Communication
R = Responsibility

* Training is available to assist you in your role as a Sponsor. Call Carline Dally at (360) 943-7880 or email the Victory House for more information.