Office Ministries

The office team handles day-to-day operations of the church, including publishing, calendars, facility use, databases and more...


See our Office Forms page for a complete list of forms you can download as PDF files.

Office closures

The church office is closed during major holidays.

Due dates and deadlines

  • Sunday Bulletin/Screen Announcements
    An Announcement Request form must be submitted by noon the Wednesday before the Sunday the announcement is to be published. There are a few exceptions for holidays. Check the weekly bulletin for updates.
  • Board Reports
    Attention Board Members: Your reports are due to the office on the Thursday before the next Board Meeting so we can get the notebooks out on the Sunday before the meeting.
  • Wedding Applications
    A Facility Use form must be submitted 3 months in advance and accompanied by a $50 non-refundable administration fee. There is a wedding packet you need to obtain from the office that has all the necessary information.
  • Ministry Center Reservations
    Reservation of a station at the Ministry Table is approved and set up on a first come, first serve basis. Submit your reservation form as early as possible as there are many ministries requesting tables each week.
  • Work Requests
    Submit a Work Request to Nancy for any project you would like us to complete. Plan ahead as much as possible; this process helps us to assess, distribute, and complete your projects with the best accuracy and turn around time.
  • Facility Forms 
    Facility Forms are reviewed and approved on a first come, first serve basis, and all church ministry activities take precedence over outside parties. If the event is a wedding, the application must be submitted 3 months in advance accompanied by a $50 administration fee.

Staff calendars

If you would like an appointment with Pastor Bill, Pastor Amanda, Pastor Jeff, Pastor Linda and Pastor Kelly, contact Nancy to schedule or request general availability information. All other staff members schedule their own calendars.

Database management

Please let us know if you have any changes in your address or any other important information. We want to keep our records up to date! Contact the church office.

Facility scheduling

If your ministry seeks the use of the building in any way, you must fill out a Facility Use form and submit it to the office as soon as you can. The rooms in the building are reserved on a first come, first serve basis. Priority is given to those forms that are completed fully, submitted, and approved first. Contact Brenda with any facility use questions, changes, cancellations, or conflicts.


The office must approve all material before it is distributed in the Communication Files or Announcement holders. Submit a Promotion Request Form for the Sunday bulletin, website or advertising around the church. Contact the office with any questions.

Congregational service

We are here for you and want to assist you with any needs you may have during the week. We do our best to provide you with updated information, quality publications, friendly service, and effective organization. Truly, we are a team together with you. Please inform us of activities, news, or personal information changes so we can serve most efficiently. Don’t hesitate to call us, stop by, or email us with questions, prayer requests, or ministry projects ideas.