Small Groups (LifeGroups)

LifeGroups connect people in Biblical community so nobody stands alone.


LifeGroups at Mountain View Church are a great resource to connect with others in order to strengthen and encourage one another as we grow more like Christ.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not ready to make a commitment to a LifeGroup but I want to get connected at Mountain View Church. What should I do?
Life Groups are not the only avenue for making connections. Mountain View Church offers a wide variety of ministry opportunities throughout the week for all ages. Check out the News & Updates page for upcoming happenings.

Can I be in a group with only women? (or – only men, only married couples, only singles…)
Yes! We have groups for most life stages and we will do our best to connect you to a group that is a good fit. If we don’t have what you are looking for, you are always welcome to gather up some friends and start a new group. (And we will gladly help you, every step of the way!)

Why are your small groups called “LifeGroups”?
Our LifeGroups are more than a social gathering. We encourage our groups to “do life” together by forming intentional relationships. The goal for these groups is that God’s Word is taught and lived out, lives are changed, and fellowship takes place. We also encourage our groups to serve together and meet a need in our church or the community.

What should our group study? How do I get curriculum?
Each Sunday, questions for further discussion are included in the sermon outline. Many groups use these questions as their primary curriculum throughout the year. Mountain View Church also has a variety of small group curriculum that your LifeGroup can use. Topics include Bible studies, spiritual growth, and life skills. We have sample study guides and DVDs that can be checked out. Contact the Director of LifeGroups to preview curriculum samples, check out resources from our library, or get a list of available curriculum.