Junior High and High School Ministries

Our students, parents, and leaders exist to grow as disciples of Jesus Christ and to be used for the Kingdom of God each and every day through leadership, community, outreach, and discipleship. All are invited to join us as we strive to grow in passionate faith as Christ-followers and live out the Story of God.

What We Do

  • Evangelism: We exist to share God’s love with the people we hang out with. We do this by living lives outside of the box, and within the Word of God. Through relationships we send our message through our actions: God loves you.
  • Fellowship: We believe in meeting together and sharing in our victories and struggles. Real ministry happens in real relationships; No hype or pretense.
  • Discipleship: We desire to grow in our love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. To grasp the full-ness of God’s message to man, we teach the entire bible, welcoming discussion and wrestling with hard issues together.
  • Ministry: We want to use our gifts to help grow God’s family, the Church, and make the Kingdom of God a reality on this planet. Through servant leadership we act out our faith and learn what it means to love others more.

To learn more about youth events, registrations, media, parent connections, mentoring students, and getting plugged in contact the youth pastor at 360-943-0795.

Current Schedule

Join us each and every Wednesday night for Ardent/Encounter UNITE as we gather as a community of students who want to grow together as one in our faith in Jesus Christ. We’ll have time to hang out, play games, hear relevant messages about being a disciple of Jesus and how to understand the scriptures. Each week we also spend time together in middle and high school LifeGroups to unpack what God is teaching us.

Join us each Sunday morning…

  • Encounter High School, 9am – The 101:Vital Beliefs
  • Ardent Middle School, 10:45am – The Story We Find Ourselves In: A Walk Through the Bible

Encounter High School Sunday Mornings: The 101: Vital Beliefs. What does it mean to call ourselves a Christian? What does Mountain View believe about God? Come join us each week at 9am in the youth room as uncover the foundational beliefs that make us who we are today.

Ardent Middle School Sunday Mornings: The Story We Find Ourselves In. Have you ever tried to sit down and read through the Bible? Ever been confused? Each week we’re taking a look at the scriptures as one, complete story from beginning to end and seeing how God has been telling His story to humanity from the very beginning, and we continue to be part of that story today. Come join us as we seek to see ourselves in God’s epic story and to gain practical tools to make reading the Bible a part of our lives each day.

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